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Stress Test - do you need a Holiday?


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A Glass (time out)!

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donated by khun Warri from Kolrat Jan 2008 

Good Karma!

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You have two choices

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 Complain less and Give More

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 a Puzzle  

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 Snow in a Glass Bowl  

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Superstitions ..

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Horoscopes, Numerology, Astro and.. 


Go ahead..! make my day..!
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You are the only solution to your Problems 

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 Rules for Being Human

Change Management ... how to Survive!

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Written by Charles Darwin and
Translated by Pim from
Nakorn Pathum,Dec 2008

Money isn't Everything

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Absolute happiness

Real Magic

These short version books are truly amazing wisdom; being happy in life and more



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I was so "amazed" by khun Pim's reaction to see beautiful flowers I thought we should include a collection for everyone to enjoy, thanks Pim  







or  "I just called to say i love you"  The phone call you always wanted!!