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On line Application Thai to visit Perth, West Australia
The online application was  created in 2008, many of the questions are optional, the more you can tell us the more we can help.
We structure the program around living with an Aussie family and meeting their friends.
Some of the questions help us know
1. How you will be best suited to a family
2. What you can promote about Thai Culture
3. Your Background
Read our introduction page (link below)
includes links to pages
    How we started the project
    Travel diaries of past visitors
    Screen process - what you must do to be eligible
2010-04 Trying to make sense of the visa maze (since 2009).
2009-06 Visa issues -  we are talking with Visa agents about the compliance process.
Complete enquiry form on line    Enquiry form ->
Email with current photo and tell us your Nick Name that matches the online application. 
Thank you.