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Cultural Exchange - Thai to W.A.
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How it started 
The idea was inspired by the Wonderful kindness by Kon Thai, Khun Pim.
July 2008 Khun Pim came to Perth to help take care of Aussie home and pets
One (1) month visit became two (2) months, Everyone she meet were so delighted by her kindess and Care.
It was the beginning of a new connection for Aussie and Thai in W.A.
We were so inspired by her qualities of respect for Family, Community and the introduction to the local Thai people in Perth WA we created this website.
Khun Pim returned 6 months later.
The popularity of her contact with people in W.A. and Thailand began the concept of "Exchanging Culture" and we set about creating this "Community" Project.
In 2009 we sponsored several Thai visitors.
We have encountered many obstacles however we believe in the vision and march on.
In 2010 We added more information and populated awareness of our Goals and vision.
Developments of this project
Travel Diaries - We publish travel diaries which extends to promote tourism in W.A.
Photo albums = We publish albums of the visits and contact with WA which extends to promote tourism WA.
Developments from this project
2008: created a website to promote Thai in W.A.
2009: created a website to assist Aussie Travel to Thailand
2009: created a forum dedicated to Aussie and Thai.
2010: created a website for Exec Tours in Bangkok. The concept is "JV" with SME (small business) in Bangkok, we help coach and develop local business in Bangkok.
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