APAC 2012-03

Ami and Arwee from Bangkok, on holiday to Perth West Australia.

As members of Bangkok APAC, they host many visitors from W.A. Special thanks to Central Insurance Brokers, Perth WA for sponsoring this program.

Unfortunately the program is NOT optimised due to multiple delays visa. Although both girls have travelled internationally, visa to Australia for certain countries, is not a positive processing culture.

Places visited

Friday 16th March: Perth CBD, lunch The Aviary Perth (rooftop bar) > Collage > www 
Compare:  Rooftop venues Bangkok so many see summary 
Taxi: Perth so expensive & difficult to get whereas Bangkok so cheap and everywhere?
Saturday: Cottesloe Beach Indiana Tea House (Sculptures on the beach) > Collage > www 
Compare: Perth much prettier landscape, colours are brilliant and vibrant.
Sunday: Claremont showgrounds (Caravan and Camping show) > Collage >  www
Compare: No Caravans in Thailand, I think because local Accommodation is so cheap.  
Sunday night Ami arrives.
Monday:  Como and river, Perth CBD; places of interest, brief visit Kings Park > Collagewww 
Tuesday: Perth Zoo > Collage > www in South Perth (special thanks, Kelly Smith)
Compare: The Perth Zoo is excellent, very natural (much better than Bangkok)
PT (Personal Trainer) session with Body Success at Central Insurance Brokers.
Kings Park interesting sights & lookout point view across the city and river
Wednesday:  South of Perth yacht Club, lunch with members & friends > Collage > www
Evening visit to Perth's Burswood Casino > Collagewww 
Thursday:  Day trip York >  Collagewww (approx 100kms from Perth CBD) heritage.
Friday:  Day trip Swan Valley > Collagewww and Gloucester Park > Collagewww
Saturday: Social reunion party with Central Insurance, staff and family > Collage > www 
Sunday: Day trip Fremantle > Collagewww
Monday: Subway to Lake Monger the "Black Swans" > collage > www
Tuesday: Ami returns to Bangkok, Arwee returns next week to host visitors for Songkran Festival begins April, it's Thailand most popular festival.
Wednesday: visit tour clients and friends at RPGC (Royal Perth Golf Club) > Collage > www
Friday: Lunch at Coco's Riverside Restaurant - social event for Bangkok Chairty project Bangkok >  Collage > www
Saturday: Ladies day at Ascot Racecourse (Horse racing) > Collage > www

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Perth is beautiful, lovely colour and people very friendly.

Everything is so far apart and expensive.
Thank you to everyone to meet me and share your moment with me.

Swan Valley: "never seen a grapevine"  
Gloucester Park: "Never seen a horse race"
more pending

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Bangkok apac member profile - Ami


I will bo host for Ami as I've been to Perth several times.  Last visit was July 2011. 

 Thanks to Khun John Doyle to give up 2 days to show us around York, Swan Valley and Gloucester Park, thanks everyone always

Hilights: tba
Caravan & Camping show: never seen a Caravan 
Horse racing: "never seen an event"
Vineyard & Golf club: "never seen"

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Bangkok apac member profile - Arwee


Getting around from a tourism prospective; Perth is incredibly expensive and our Hospitality Industry is more Commercial than sincere. Special thanks to family & friends to co host.
Caravan Camping show, awesome inventions
Gloucester Park, surprised me! (good value)

Lows:  WA is so over regulated. We have so many laws; bi-laws, to keep honest people honest and an endless list of diverse excuses and stern warnings for law breakers?

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Bangkok apac member profile - Phill

Charity Project

WA tour guests visit community based charity venues in Klong Toey, Bangkok.  The area is known as "Bangkok's slum", it's close to town but you'll never find it. more Klong Toey

During the visit by staff from Central Insurance Brokers (late 2011 & early 2012) the idea was borne to create a "fund raiser" project to "raise a roof over the playground".

It will help about 100 children aged 4mths to 5 years. Community Perth WA have been great supporters as sponsors and visitors, see more  Newsflash  <> fundraiser page 

We encourage groups to visit Bangkok, if your not able to go then consider the team synergy of to host a suitcase (donate clothes), see more in the fundraiser page.  

Tours Bangkok

The tour concept is design for the "Exec and/or their Team" for reward tours
Rejuvenate, Team building, Shopping, Adventure and much more, see more

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