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We plan to acknowledge charity groups supporting Thai People/Culture/Land in WA and Thailand.  
As we find them we will list them and create a blog link in our forum so you can give feedback. 
NB: We do not have any connection to the Organistaion, we do not imply permission, nor accuracy. You should verify information with them before relying on it. 
1. BSWA includes their donation form  Blogged=No
2. Friends of Thailand - Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Thailand  - est., 1962.  funds projects every year in all regions of Thailand - Blogged=No

Children in Thailand

All information’s about the Lions Club Phuket Andaman Sea you can find on www.andamanlions.org and everything about the Phuket Sunshine Village and the children living in there is available under www.phuketsunshinevillage.org lots of pictures from events under www.phuketsunshinevillage.org/gallery