Thai Temple Tattoos - Yant Magic

Sacred Yantra Magic from Thailand (Pa Yant)

Yant Swod Paan Yaks (Ta Wae Suwann)

This is Paa yant Swod Paan yaks (Taw Waes Suwann)

This Yant is from a Great Ritual where the 99 Monks chanted into the Paa Yant.. 

Yaks are the fearful appearing Guardians that one sees in most Thai Temples (Wad).
This Ritual involves the use of "Saay Siin", (Saay means cord, Siin means Vows, or spiritual comportment).
The Saay Siin is wrapped around the hands of the 99 monks (Individually), and then fed through a central axis to be spread in different directions around the Salon. 
Each cord has one of these Paa Yant attached to it, and is suspended above the heads of the disciples, one for each person present.
The 99 monks begin to chant the mantra of the Paan Yaks, and the wind blows through the trees.
Some of the monks who were not directly involved with the chanting came to comfort the Devotees that all was well and that there was nothing to be afraid of; That the Paan Yaks play a protective role in the Buddhist Pantheon, and can easily be misunderstood as a kind of Demon.
Actually they are a kind of Dharma Protector, or "Yidam" as Tibetan Buddhists refer to them.  The Monks continue Chanting, each of the Devotees on their knees in the praying position;pha yant
They hold the Paa Yant, between their hands in the "Meu Panom" position (like praying, called "Hwai" in common folk's Thai). Devotees in the crowd of disciples rise to their feet, eyes gazing into the nothing; They begin adopting various poses and enacting dances.
The dances and movements are very similar to the movements that can be observed in "Khone" (A Classical Thai Dance Theatre Play, normally depicting scenes and stories from the "Ramakiarn"; a Thai version of the Hindu Epic, Ramayana).
Whilst in Trance the Disciples are unaware of what is happening around them; Some behave erratically as if they were an animal, or some kind of demon.Some are behaving like Characters from the Ramakiarn; Such as Hanuman the Monkey general Of Pra Ram's army.

The monks appear, with various masks of famous Heroes of the Ramakiran Epic. They approach the Devotees who are in trance, and place the masks on the heads of the various Trancees, each mask according to the aspects of each Character.
The monks were place the "Hua Khone" of the Paan Yaks onto the Devotees intrance, so that the Paan Yaks could enact their magic.The Trancees continue dancing to the chants of the 99 monks,as the monks were reaching the end of the chant, the Devotees in trance begin to diminish and return to consciousness. They do not really seem to know that anything as the monks finish their chanting, the wind blows through the Temple again and all is quiet.
The Disciples take their Paa Yant Swod Paan Yaks, make their offerings and return home to place their yant on the wall at home
The real name of this Paa Yant is "Paa Yant Taa Wae Suwann; It is used as a protection against Demons, Ghosts and Magic Spells. It is also a yant of the type "Mahaaniyom" (Great Preference), meaning that one will recieve luck and blessings. People will show Compassion and Preference with the yant's owner.
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